Amy Cervini
Digging Me Digging You

Amy Cervini is a soulful singer who has a way of interpreting songs in a simple yet sophisticated way that always moves the listener. She’s also one of the most “laid back” vocalists I’ve worked with and we made this entire album in one day. Totally old school: Everybody in the same room, no overdubs! I had an epiphany at this session. I was concerned about my sound bleeding into other people’s microphones and when I asked the engineer James Farber about it he said, “You just get comfortable with your sound! Let me worry about everything else.” I've felt much more confident in the studio ever since he gave me that piece of advice! Amy put together an AMAZING group for this one featuring Bruce Barth, Avishai Cohen, Anat Cohen, Jeremy Udden, Josh Sinton, James Shipp, and Matt Wilson!